Recent News

Steve Lye was one of the main speakers at the “Adversities, Development & New Interventions” roundtable in Ottawa, March 2019. This ‘by invitation-only’ meeting was organized by CIFAR in partnership with AKFC and IDRC.

The 1st Cuba -Canada Maternal-Child Symposium took place in Cuba from March 22-25, 2019. The conference was organized by Dr. Yeneir Vera, Research Associate, AHD. 7 professors from Canada and 1 professor from the Netherlands participated. The event was attended by more than 70 physicians and researchers from Cuba, including the Head of the National Mother Infant Program and the Presidents of the National Obstetric Society, National Paediatric Society and National Genetic Society among others.

Dr. Stephen Matthews, Director of Research of AHD and President of @Dohadcanada attended the 11th DOHaD World Congress in Melbourne (here with Hiro Hamada postdoc, University of Toronto). October, 2019.

DOHaD Canada meeting, February, 2019, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.
AHD is a proud supporter of the DOHaD Canada initiative!

In Mysore, February 2019: training amazing trainees in healthy conversation skills for the HELTI projects.

Young women in Soweto say healthy living is hard. Here’s why.

A wonderful article focusing on research related to HeLTI-SA (June, 2019).

In February 2019, Bangalore, Dr. Steve Matthews, Dir. of Research, AHD met Ms. Nicole Girard, Canadian Consul General in Bangalore with Dr. Kumaran, HeLTI-India PI Epidemiology, Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore and Dr. Dan Sellen, UofT. They discussed the HeLTI India project and the HeLTI initiative.

In December 2018, Mount Sinai Hospital, AHD Executive Director Dr. Steve Lye had an opportunity to discuss applying personalized medicine for prenatal care with John Oliver, Member of Parliament for Oakville and federal Parliamentary Secretary to Health.