CIHR Funding Opportunity Launch: Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative Linked International Intervention Cohort Team Grant : Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HeLTI) – India

Application deadline: 2016-10-18
This funding opportunity will fund a Cohort Leadership Team comprised of investigators and knowledge users/policy makers from Canada and India for a cohort in India.
Initiative Overview
The goal of HeLTI is to generate evidence that will inform national policy and decision-making in Canada and the participating countries for the improvement of health and the prevention of NCDs, with an emphasis on obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes throughout the lifespan. Given that both maternal and paternal health have transgenerational effects on development and health of offspring, this funding opportunity also aims to develop gender-responsive evidence for interventions and policies aimed at the needs of men, women, boys and girls. The initiative will use a life course epidemiology approach, which is the basis for the developmental origins of health and disease concept (DOHaD).
This funding opportunity is launched in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) which will provide secretariat support for initiative management and governance.
For more information about HeLTI LIIC, please visit our website or contact