September 2012:
On September 27, 2012, the Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development was formally launched as part of the symposium entitled “Investing in Mothers and Children: Developmental Trajectories, Health, Learning and Society.” FMIHD established with the appointments of Professor Stephen J. Lye as the inaugural Executive Director and Professor Marla B. Sokolowski as the inaugural Academic Director.

The Ontario Birth Study (OBS) is an ambitious and exciting new research initiative led by Dr. Alan Bocking. The goal of the study is to help researchers and clinicians better understand pregnancy, the health of mothers and babies, and ultimately, the importance of early life experiences on childhood and later life health and well-being.

Creation of a new pregnancy/child cohort – the Ontario Family Health Study, supported through partnership with St. Michael’s, Sickkids and Mount Sinai Hospitals). The cohort has enrolled and is following mothers recruited during pregnancy and children recruited during infancy.

Aided new research grant funding, including grants from Gates Foundation, Global Alliance for the Prevention of Prematurity and Stillbirth, CIHR, UN Population Council, Bickell Foundation.

“Exposure in utero and in early newborns and childhood has a major effect on many chronic diseases later in childhood, as well as adults.” Dr. Alan Bocking






Two additional leadership appointments were made in 2013, Professor Stephen G. Matthews, Research Director and Professor Barbara Fallon, Director, Act Now.

November 2013
The Mats Sundin Fellowship in Developmental Health was established in November 2012 with a donation of SEK 2.2 million (around $350,000) from former hockey player and Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin, aim to develop future health leaders in Canada and Sweden. Recipients will have the opportunity to spend a period of research at their partner institution under the direction of leading scientists in the field of developmental health, which focuses on understanding how diseases of childhood and adulthood can be traced to conditions within the first 2000 days of life.

August 2013
Mats Sundin Fellows named: The new fellows were announced August 20th during a ceremony held at the Canadian Embassy in Stockholm. Mats Sundin with Fellows Sophie Petropoulos at left and Jessica Weidner at right (photo courtesy the Canadian Embassy in Sweden) Former Toronto Maple Leafs captain and National Hockey League superstar Mats Sundin worked with other donors to help start the fellowship, which provides advanced postdoctoral training in human development. One candidate from each university will complete up to two years of postdoctoral research at the other’s institution. The program is managed by the Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development.


ACT NOW is the knowledge mobilization and policy outreach arm of the FMIHD. ACT NOW stands for Achieving Change Through kNOWledge. It engages communities and policy makers to help ensure research and education expertise developed at the Institute translates into recommendations for best policy and practice so children and their families can feel their benefits.

April 2014
Contribution to a new Lancet Series on new interventions to improve early child development.

The Lancet is a world-leading, peer-reviewed general medical journal. FMIHD Executive Director Dr. Stephen Lye was sought out by the Lancet to help prepare a series of three papers on the importance of early-life on child health and well-being. The papers will focus on the scale of problems associated with poor child development, the mechanisms by which adversity impacts children and interventions and public policy to improve the lives of children. Dr. Lye will be leading the writing group for the paper focusing on interventions. Those collaborating on the project include the WHO and UNICEF.


October 2015
Begin a yearly CPHD research day where students present their work.: the 1st annual Research Day on October 1st 2015.


April 2016
UNICEF and the World Bank co-hosted an ECD Flagship event – Early Childhood Development: A Smart Beginning for Economies on the Rise 
Steve Lye gave the TedTalk presentation of the event: The Science of Early Human Development: Investing in the 1st 2000 Days Of Life To Enable All Children, Everywhere To Reach Their Full Potential

Steve Lye with Tony Lake, Executive Director, UNICEF and Jim Yong Kim, President, World Bank Group.

June 2016
Steve Lye is a contributor to the Action Network for Early Childhood Development Global Consultation event in New York

June 2016
MOU was signed between UOFT and The Universidad De Ciencias Médicas De La Habana, Cuba.

October 2016
The Lancet Early Childhood Development Series, Main Launch Event, Washington
As one of the Series co-authors, Steve Lye gave was asked to give one of the keynote presentations.

November 2016
(CIHR) and the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India approved the LOI for the Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative – India project.




Steve Lye and Beijing Genomics Inst signed an MOU to create a joint Pregnancy Diagnostics Lab in Toronto. China, April, 2017


The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, May 1, 2017, Ottawa

@TheLancet Series in Peru, October 2017



HeLTI announcement. Toronto, November, 2017

2nd International Conference of the Institute for Human Development, Aga Khan University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. November, 2017

Jan 2017
Establishment of the Alliance for Human Development!

Feb 2017
HeLTI meeting in Toronto: AHD hosted a week-long meeting with the 3 HelTI groups: HelTI China, Helti India and HeLTI South Africa

March 2017:
CIHR has approved: BUilding Knowledge and a foundation for HeALthy lIfe trajectories: BUKHALI Trial.”, submitted to the Team Grant: Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative – South-Africa program

Dr. Kym Rae, Director of the Gomeroi gaaynggal Arts Health and Research Programs
University of Newcastle, Australia
Cultural approaches to developing a longitudinal cohort with Indigenous Australians: The Gomeroi gaaynggal cohort
co-hosted by: AHD and Department of Anthropology, UTM

April 2017
Minister of Research, Innovation and Science to visit China, Minister Reza Moridi, led a science and technology mission to China to strengthen existing partnerships in life sciences, ICT and Cleantech with the province of Guangdong.
Steve Lye was invited to be a part of a small group of Ontario delegates.
During this trip, Steve Lye and Beijing Genomics Inst. Signed an MOU to create a joint Pregnancy Diagnostics Lab in Toronto.
See photo attached

May 1, 2017
Advancing Early Childhood Development: From Science to Scale
The symposium was held in partnership by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada and the Alliance for Human Development. It presented the findings from the Lancet series on early childhood development and the way forward to meet the needs of the most at risk populations. Presentations and discussions on how Canada contributes to advancing early childhood development globally and nationally were also discussed. A panel of experts examined institutional perspectives and approaches to design and expand programmes and policies to help children, their family and their society to thrive.
To watch a webcast of the event, please click here!
Special guests:
The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development
Ted Chaiban, Director of Programmes, UNICEF
Dr. Stephen Lye, Executive Director, Alliance for Human Development; Senior Investigator, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute
Dr. Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Robert Harding Inaugural Chair in Global Child Health, Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids); Co-Director, SickKids Centre for Global Child Health; and Founding Director, Centre of Excellence in Women and Child Health, Aga Khan University
Dr. Pia Britto, Chief and Senior Advisor, Early Childhood Development, UNICEF
And speakers:
Dr. Catherine Birken, Scientist, SickKids Research Institute
Dr. Shoo Lee, Scientific Director, Canadian Institutes for Health Research
Dr. Kofi Marfo, Executive Director, Institute for Human Development, Aga Khan University
Dr. Stephen McGurk, Vice President, Programs and Partnership Branch, International Development Research Centre
Dr. Karlee Silver, Vice President, Programs, Grand Challenges Canada

July 2017
@Alliance_HD Ex.Dir Steve Lye launched the @TheLancet Series in Nairobi. The event was hosted by @FirstLadyKenya.

September 2017
Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HeLTI) Data management Workshop at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.  A collaboration between Canada, China, India, South Africa and WHO

October 2017
Executive Dir. Steve Lye gave a presentation on Series in Peru via

November 2017
Exec.Dir. Steve Lye, LTRI, & BGI signed an MOU outlining their intention to collaborate on the dev. of a genomics-based diagnostic test for the early identification of women at risk for pre-term birth & other preg. complications.

November 2017
Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HeLTI) new health research cohort was introduced by Dr. Shoo Lee


November 2017
Exec.Dir. Steve Lye, LTRI, & And Dr. Marie-Claude Martin, Director, Global Initiatives attended the 2nd International Conference of the Institute for Human Development, Aga Khan University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Dr. Lye delivered the keynote address on Early Childhood Development.



Dr. Steve Lye with Dr. Gisela Alvarez, Head of the National Well-Child being group, Cuba




January 2018
Executive Director, Dr. Steve Lye and Director of Research attended the XXVIII Cuban Congress of Pediatrics where  Dr. Steve Lye has become a Member of Honour of the National Pediatric Society of Cuba!