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AHD is committed to a new way of advancing knowledge in the field of early child development. Our researchers come together across academic boundaries and apply a holistic perspective to the most pressing questions about optimal child development. This trans-disciplinary approach to research matches our commitment to move the knowledge beyond the academic silos, through policy and practice to affect positive outcomes in the lives of children and their families.


The Alliance for Human Development supports research, education and knowledge mobilization and exchange on the promotion of children’s health, well-being and social function. We provide a forum to support cutting edge transdisciplinary research, collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The AHD membership is a network of individuals involved in research, education, front-line care and policy development in human development with a goal of affecting positive change. Our membership crosses research pillars, departments, faculties and institutions.

As a member, you will receive announcements and updates on Institute-related activities and have the opportunity to connect with new colleagues and collaborative projects.

In order to accurately reflect the needs of our membership we will occasionally request that members participate in special retreats, or working groups/meetings related to our education, research or outreach program.

If you would like to get involved with the AHD, email Victoria De Luca