AHD @Alliance_HDRT @SavetheChildren: Our programs reach the most vulnerable mothers and newborns to help them survive their first month of life and beyond.…1 day ago
AHD @Alliance_HDBill Blair, Parl. Sec. to the Minister of Justice&Attorney Gen.of Canada & the Min. of Health, on behalf of @CDNMinHealth will announce funding for a major health research initiative focused on improving child health: HeLTI day ago
AHD @Alliance_HDMindful parenting--based on Leo Tolstoy! @CNN The time you spend w. your children is the most important time and they're the most imp. people at that time. Trying to do them good, giving them your full attention, is the most important thing you can do. day ago
AHD @Alliance_HDChild marriage is still present--even in high-income counties. Girls forced into child marriage often become pregnant while still adolescents, which increases the risk of complications in pregnancy or childbirth, the complications can lead to death. day ago
AHD @Alliance_HDUnited States: Maternal mortality rate is going up and black women are more likely than white women to die from complications of pregnancy @CNN day ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDIf children experience high-quality EC opportunities in their first 5yrs, it’s very likely they will be successful in life. BUT, when kids lack these opportunities, they are more likely to suffer from poor health, drop out of high school. Early Dev. Index days ago
AHD @Alliance_HDPregnancy and environment: woman's exposure to certain seasonal or environmental factors during pregnancy may affect her offspring's lifetime disease risk. days ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDThe impact of flu shot on pregnant women and their babies: days ago
AHD @Alliance_HDVaccination anxiety: the amount of distress & pain kids feel during a vaccination is strongly related to how their parents help them cope before and during an appointment. days ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDSuccessful implementation of preschool to 3rd GR programs: New strategies for reducing achievement gap: increasing school readiness, strengthening parental involvement in school education: The importance of ECD! days ago
AHD @Alliance_HDRT @MoGen_Grad: Dr. Janet Rossant Honoured by L’Oréal-UNESCO #womeninscience days ago

AHD Executive Director is one of the co-authors of the new series on early childhood development by The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and best known general medical journals.

Prof. Stephen Lye: “We have a growing understanding of the importance of early childhood development and the first 1000 days of life, beginning right from the fertilization of the egg, on brain development. By the age of three, 85 per cent of brain development will be complete.”

The series was launched at a conference on “Advancing Early Childhood Development: from Science to Scale,” hosted by the UNICEF, the World Bank and the WHO on October 5, 2016 where Steve Lye delivered a presentation on the importance of ECD.