AHD @Alliance_HDRT @DrCChambers: Topical anesthetic creams & sprays can help reduce pain from needles. Read more: https://t.co/9kErMBETRc #KidsCancerPain2 days ago
AHD @Alliance_HDWhy Canada needs a 'Children's Charter': Canadian kids might not be doing as well as we think they are, according to the recent report, Raising Canada from the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, @UCalgary & Children First Canada: https://t.co/0PTIJr7wqx via @ConversationCA https://t.co/unXsyKzFdN3 days ago
AHD @Alliance_HDResearch shows pollution is reaching the placenta. Researchers from @QMUL have, for the first time, found small particles of carbon in the placenta of five mothers who never smoked: https://t.co/Yep4ibODYB https://t.co/F1ZPR2z0m23 days ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDWomen who experienced higher levels of trauma at some point in their lives & who secreted higher levels of cortisol in late pregnancy gave birth to significantly smaller male babies: an average decrease of 38 gr (1.3 ounces): https://t.co/FSeXNdvXxy @MountSinaiNYC https://t.co/j93uwml2dE4 days ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDBlood test for pregnant women can predict premature birth. A new blood test for pregnant women detects with 75-80 % accuracy whether their pregnancies will end in premature birth. The technique can also be used to estimate a fetus's gestational age: https://t.co/rOogwwl3Fa https://t.co/l9LwCUY9mn4 days ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDDr. Steve Lye, Executive Dir of @Alliance_HD , @MountSinai gave a presentation in Tianjin, China during "The First International Conference on Hygiene and Health of Haihe River"@BGI_Events https://t.co/iOjLFIEYFR5 days ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDHaving a Growth Mindset Makes It Easier to Develop New Interests. “[T]echnology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.” — Steve Jobs https://t.co/vuU5FyDeeT https://t.co/4CIiVd83pP1 week ago
AHD @Alliance_HDRT @CharlieAngusNDP: This is Canada. This is Ontario. This is Kashechewan where 400 children have no school. This is unacceptable. #shannen1 week ago
AHD @Alliance_HDChildren born to single mothers benefit when biological father joins family."However,if the biologic.father...leaves or a stepfather joins the family...these children...do no better cognitively..socially&emotionally than children whose mothers remain alone:https://t.co/Tq6jv0kPnv https://t.co/b5pJDeDLay1 week ago

AHD Executive Director is one of the co-authors of the new series on early childhood development by The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and best known general medical journals.

Prof. Stephen Lye: “We have a growing understanding of the importance of early childhood development and the first 1000 days of life, beginning right from the fertilization of the egg, on brain development. By the age of three, 85 per cent of brain development will be complete.”

The series was launched at a conference on “Advancing Early Childhood Development: from Science to Scale,” hosted by the UNICEF, the World Bank and the WHO on October 5, 2016 where Steve Lye delivered a presentation on the importance of ECD.