AHD @Alliance_HDHow to encourage your children's passion for learning @CNN https://t.co/A9XVUbJ9vB3 days ago
AHD @Alliance_HD'Gain a child, lose a tooth' Larger families linked to heightened tooth loss risk for moms. Women with 3 kids had an average of 4 fewer teeth than moms with 2 children: https://t.co/L108y1speI https://t.co/zpaTicwI2I4 days ago
AHD @Alliance_HDObese pregnant mothers and exposure to a high fat, high sugar diet during pregnancy produces a “fatty liver” in the fetus, potentially predisposing children to obesity later in life. https://t.co/OcG5abWCiC https://t.co/V28FKxE4yV4 days ago
AHD @Alliance_HDImpr. birth outcomes 1 amino acid at a time: New research:L-arginine is a critical component in regulating a key pathway that promotes blood vessel dev. in the placenta. These findings have broad implications for adverse birth outcomes such as preeclampsia.https://t.co/L4XLqiuSs34 days ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDPeople w. a history of childhood trauma might believe that others will only want to associate with them if they're a people-pleaser or care-taker. Some choose friends/partners who are hurtful or abusive because everyone prefers the familiar. https://t.co/qpKk2KBzUT https://t.co/tmZ43lvl7N6 days ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDShort- and long-term brain functioning can be influenced by immune system activity during the third trimester of gestation. CHLA https://t.co/dY38VoYfa4 via @childrensla2 weeks ago
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AHD @Alliance_HDNewborn babies from the Maritime provinces now benefit from earlier detection and treatment of five new conditions. The Guardian https://t.co/lsPKQGzIDB2 weeks ago

AHD Executive Director is one of the co-authors of the new series on early childhood development by The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and best known general medical journals.

Prof. Stephen Lye: “We have a growing understanding of the importance of early childhood development and the first 1000 days of life, beginning right from the fertilization of the egg, on brain development. By the age of three, 85 per cent of brain development will be complete.”

The series was launched at a conference on “Advancing Early Childhood Development: from Science to Scale,” hosted by the UNICEF, the World Bank and the WHO on October 5, 2016 where Steve Lye delivered a presentation on the importance of ECD.