AHD @Alliance_HDMaternal depressive emotion associated with children's sleep problems: increased happiness during pregnancy decreases sleep disturbances for kids https://t.co/sv6jfcclfS https://t.co/xJVnZxqekO1 week ago
AHD @Alliance_HDNew study from @UBuffalo finds prenatal marijuana use can affect infant size, behavior. Infants who had been exposed to tobacco & marijuana were smaller in length, weight & head size and were more likely to be born earlier. https://t.co/Lgovyq5ctM https://t.co/3rbmyiAEBV1 week ago
AHD @Alliance_HDMothers with high emotional, cognitive control help their children behave: the greater emotional control and problem-solving abilities a mother has, the less likely her children will develop behavioral problems such as tantrums-fighting . https://t.co/OTBTe1pUpi https://t.co/PVMb9HPL2B1 week ago
AHD @Alliance_HDMultimedia resources help teachers share Indigenous knowledge in the classroom Inspiring Indigenous youth in STEM https://t.co/acblmqQpZ7 via @ConversationCA1 week ago
AHD @Alliance_HDInfant feeding method influences baby’s gut bacteria, risk of overweight. New findings from AllerGen’s CHILD Study indicate that exclusive breastfeeding in early infancy protects babies from becoming overweight by age one. https://t.co/IjDqaZLiKC https://t.co/xAtF3EwYw32 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDExposure to Smoking Before and After Birth Linked to Hearing Impairment in Toddlers https://t.co/iU8PcddxJq https://t.co/Tt9BeJTQB92 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDOne in three women binge eat during pregnancy https://t.co/KQcxssPLfS via @ConversationUK2 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDSuffering in silence: how Kenyan women live with profound childbirth injuries https://t.co/eVWmmNmVUN via @TC_Africa2 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDAttachment security buffers the HPA axis of toddlers growing up in poverty or near poverty: https://t.co/FqH7K53JGA https://t.co/VjunOTrkcQ2 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDMats Sundin announces new funding for the Mats Sundin Fellowship which supports ECD research through an Exchange Program in Developmental and Perinatal Biology between the two Institutions: @UofT & @karolinskainst https://t.co/9C2QvZ9nlQ2 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDNBER Working Paper Series: Heat and Learning: Hotter years 'mean lower exam results' https://t.co/R8W5KzDTAS https://t.co/CQMcrSi99s https://t.co/8jEh1zKGgF3 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDNew @WHO data: childhood obesity rates in the Mediterranean region are among the highest in the world due to the loss of the traditional Mediterranean diet, increased intake of sugars & low levels of physical activity https://t.co/w0y3UIAlaT https://t.co/nOgRKDeiD13 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDEarly-life obesity impacts children’s learning and memory, study suggests https://t.co/273hunTvmY via @BrownUniversity3 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDYou are what your mother eats https://t.co/cjRzicwZdS3 weeks ago
AHD @Alliance_HDNew study finds placenta health affects risk of schizophrenia. Research on placenta’s critical role in the nature vs nurture debate and how it confers risk for schizophrenia and likely other neurodevelopmental disorders. https://t.co/iXt0D7LNIO https://t.co/mSg8ZnmAXe3 weeks ago

AHD Executive Director is one of the co-authors of the new series on early childhood development by The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and best known general medical journals.

Prof. Stephen Lye: “We have a growing understanding of the importance of early childhood development and the first 1000 days of life, beginning right from the fertilization of the egg, on brain development. By the age of three, 85 per cent of brain development will be complete.”

The series was launched at a conference on “Advancing Early Childhood Development: from Science to Scale,” hosted by the UNICEF, the World Bank and the WHO on October 5, 2016 where Steve Lye delivered a presentation on the importance of ECD.